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Delays and Cancellations due to Coronavirus

Dear customer, we are sorry to have to announce that due to the ongoing effects of Coronavirus and Government advice our online booking system has been temporarily suspended.   Pest Control will only be carrying out emergency work for rats inside, mice inside and cockroaches.   If you have an issue with any of these pests please email or call 0115 9152000, and we will get back to you.   Please ensure you include the following details;

  • your full name, address (including postcode)
  • Your telephone number both landline and mobile
  • whether you are in the vulnerable category for COVID-19
  • type of pest (please attach pictures to assist with identification and extent of the issue)
  • any other information you feel may be relevant to aid with the treatment.

Below are some tips to help reduce pests being an issue at your property;

  • Ensure rubbish is stored correctly.
  • Ensure food is all correctly stored and not left out.
  • Remove all bird feeders and sources if possible
  • Traps, rodenticide and insecticide are available online to order, supermarkets and DIY shops may also stock if you wish to treat the problem yourself.

Bees/Wasps- This time of year wasps are unlikely to have an active nest and active nest normally appear in July onwards.   If you see wasp like activity it’s likely they are actually bumble bees and if you are having an issue which with them please contact the British bee keeping association for advice. 

Bedbugs- You can buy products online to carry out treatment but always read the full safety label before use.  We recommend that you wash all items of bedding on the hottest wash you can (60 degrees kills the eggs and bugs) and clean areas to be treated before carrying out any treatment.

Book a domestic pest control treatment

Commercial properties and businesses

Contact us about commercial pest control

We Treat

  • Cockroaches
  • Fleas
  • Mice
  • Squirrels
  • Wasps
  • Bed bugs
  • Rats

Costs and Charges 

A free service for the treatment of wasps, fleas, mice and bedbugs  is available for domestic treatments to persons in receipt of Council Tax Support. 

Pest Cost If you receive council tax support
Rats Inside £115 free
Rats Outside £100 free
Mice Inside only £115 free
Squirrels £132 £132
Wasps £58 free
Bees Not treated Not treated
Cockroaches £170 free
Fleas £100 free
Bedbugs £170 free

Identifying Pests

When making an online booking prices for treatments will be calculated based on your pests and situation. You'll be able to make a payment at the end of the booking form.

We can identify insect pests that you may have a problem with in your home. If you send a photo to, we will let you know what they are and advise you on what you can do to eliminate the problem.