Education Library Service

Education Library Service

The Education Library Service (ELS) provides resources which are relevant to the curriculum, up to
date and in good physical condition, as well as supporting reading for pleasure. We also provide professional advice on school libraries. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff can save teachers' invaluable time. Schools need a wide range of resources to support the curriculum and encourage students to read for pleasure which can assist in raising achievement in the classroom.

The Loan Collection Service gives access to over 300,000 high quality resources suitable for all age and ability levels and is a cost effective way to obtain high quality resources for your school, allowing you to exchange your stock whenever you wish.

There are two options - the standard service and the unlimited exchanges service (the latter
allows you to change resources as often as you wish at no extra charge). With either option, our mobile library can visit your school to allow children to be involved in choosing reading materials. This encourages reading for pleasure which has been linked to raising standards in school.

Our Advisory Service can provide you with bespoke and specialist support including:

  • Developing your school library - we can help with all aspects of developing and managing your school library.
  • Book talks and storytelling to pupils - a librarian can visit your school to tell stories and promote reading for pleasure. This can be done virtually and be either a session for pupils or staff CPD
  • School librarians' support package - provides professional development, current awareness and individual advice and support for school librarians in secondary schools.

All our services are available to Local Authority schools and Academies.

To Order

Schools will be sent a quotation and order form directly from The Education Library Service

Objectives of the Service

  • Support the raising of students' achievement through the provision of high quality reading material and curriculum resources
  • Provide you with an efficient, flexible and responsive service, tailored to your school's needs
  • Provide high quality specialist advice and practical support with developing your school library
  • Maintain high satisfaction rates for all services through continually monitoring service performance

These Services will give you access to:

  • 300,000 high quality up-to-date resources, suitable for 3 -16 year olds of all ability levels, including picture books, novels, non-fiction books, big books, posters, DVDs and CDs
  • the facility for teachers to select their own resources or for our specialist librarians to compile a collection specifically for them
  • a van delivery service which will deliver your resources direct to school
  • an attractive mobile library with over 2500 fiction and leisure non-fiction intended to stimulate enjoyment of reading and to involve children in selection
  • experienced qualified librarians who have in depth knowledge of children's literature and school libraries


Name: Val Sawyer
Title: Principal Librarian
Service Area: Inspire: Culture, Learning and Libraries
Telephone Number: 0115 804 4499 

Name: Rachel Marshall
Title: Development Librarian
Service Area: Inspire: Culture, Learning and Libraries
Telephone Number: 0115 804 4499